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New Facility Supervisor

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Rusty Gleason, our Facilities manager, will be retiring at the end of March.  We are going to miss Rusty greatly, and we are thankful for the 8+ years he has spent serving on our team here at Grace. He has done so many great things to get our facility into its’ current condition. Many things he has done we can see, and many more are behind the scenes. It will be difficult for anyone to follow his footsteps.

In our search to replace such an incredible fixture here at Grace, we interviewed several potential candidates.  However, one candidate truly outshines the rest.  He has great experience from working in construction, combined with his technology background, professionalism and attention to detail.  Many of you already know him, because he attended church here for many years (which is another wonderful asset).  We have decided to bring Luke Kody aboard as our new Facilities Supervisor.  If the last name seems familiar, that is because it is. Luke is Lisa’s son. We are thrilled that he has accepted the offer, and will be starting full time on February 12th.   Thankfully Rusty has agreed to stay with us for a few more weeks to help us in training Luke.

 Please join us in welcoming Luke Kody to the Grace family!  Congratulations Luke, we are looking forward to having you on our team

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Marcy Schneider

Welcome, Luke! I will miss Rusty!

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