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MOPS Online Auction Coming Soon!

By Englund Talbert in MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) about 1 month ago | 12519 views Link:

It’s almost that time of year again! Time for the MOPS Online Auction! You know, the place you got all those great deals last year WHILE supporting the MOPS ministry? Go ahead and mark your calendars for April 19-27. And get ready to get competitive because the auction items are better than ever this year! 

If you are interested in donating to the MOPS 2018 Online Auction (it’s a great marketing tool!), please email 

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Englund Talbert

Woohoo! Online Auction starts next week! Get ready to bid, bid, bid!

Kelly Ferguson

Yay! MOPS auction is right around the corner! So excited to bid on some great items and services!  

I know there’s at least one really great basket filled with luxurious products for your hair and body😉(this would be great for Mother’s Day!)

Mary Worm

SPOILER ALERT I’ve seen the list of items in the upcoming auction and its CRAZY good!!! As summer fast approaches, now is the perfect time to get some great deals by bidding on pool memberships, activities for the kids, gift cards to your favorite restaurants, and so much more! If you’ve been doing some spring cleaning and realized, “Hey, I really need to remodel my closet or get some built-ins”…now’s your chance! Danny’s business, Woodworm Fine Carpentry & Painting, is offering 4 hours of carpentry services! And remember, all your purchases go to support MOPS, a nonprofit hosted at Grace. So if you’re going to spend the money anyways, why not help out a local nonprofit and support some of the moms who attend Grace?!!

Kenya Perkins

Ok this sounds so cool, but How does the online auction work? Will there be a link posted with items to go to? I’m excited to shop!!

Mary Worm

Thanks for asking Kenya! We are going to post the link for the auction in the City THIS WEDNESDAY!!! The link will list the over 200 items available to bid on. Bidding works a little like eBay. You can set your opening bid and your max bid. The website will keep increasing your bid as others also bid, until you are finally outbid or win the item. You will get an email if you have been outbid or if you win the item. So you don’t have to continually monitor the bidding (unless you’re addicted like the rest of us ;)

Jessi Macleod

Heads up Grace folks, today’s the day the online MOPS auction goes live! Keep a lookout for the link here on the City or on our MOPS at Grace Online Auction Facebook page. Then pull out your device and start bidding at noon! May you win the bid of your dreams, while supporting moms in your community!

Jacki Saslow

Drumroll please….the Auction is LIVE!!

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