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Help Needed!!!! Winter Emergency Shelter

By Ski Jaloszynski in WE Shelter 3 months ago | 3681 views Link:

Just checked the sign up calendar and we are almost full! Thank you to all who have spent the night or made a meal. There are a few open dates that need volunteers…..Overnight volunteers needed for March 5 and March 17 and   Meal needed for March 15 and March 17. Thank you in advance for caring!!!!

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Melanie Schultz

Ski – I’m signed up to do check-in tonight at The WE! Shelter but my father in law is having an unplanned medical procedure late today so I won’t be able to get to WCF or to the shelter. Apologize for the late notice

Ski Jaloszynski

No problem, thank you for your faithfulness this season. Hope all is ok
with your father in law. Barb

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Joshua Green

Ski, I am coming tonight to stay. I will be there around 8pm. 

Ski Jaloszynski


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Grace Community Church

A love for Jesus Christ and an ardent desire to see Him glorified in the inner city of Greensboro were the impetus for the founding of this non-denominational body of believers. We are striving to bring together God’s people from all walks of life that each might minister to the other according to their gifts and abilities. Our highest aim is that we might together demonstrate the reality of Christ as we are made one.

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