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All In Weekend Needs

By Ansel Talbert in The Bridge High School (Parents) 10 months ago | 326 views Link:

Hey Everyone!

Below are a few areas of need that we have. If you are able to help in any way please check off where you can help. Can’t wait to serve with you this weekend. It’s going to be AWESOME!

Van- provide a minivan or suv for the weekend to be driven by Leaders who’ve passed a driver screening. If you need a vehicle in turn, a leader will provide their vehicle for you.

Host Home- provide a home for students and leaders to stay overnight. Also need to provide snacks and breakfast Saturday & Sunday mornings.

Check In Table- help check students and leaders in as they arrive on Friday 5pm-6:15pm and to be sure they put their luggage in the correct vehicle.

Food Team- help set up and clean up our meals. 

  • Friday Dinner 5pm-6:15pm
  • Saturday Lunch 12:30pm-2pm
  • Saturday Dinner 5:30pm-7pm

This need requires these items:

Item Date Taken by
10th-12th Guys Host Home Andrea Blevins
7th Grade Boy Host Home Andrea Blevins
8th Grade Girl Host Home Ansel Talbert
Check-In Table Tracy Williams
Check-In Table Scott Sangeorge
Check-In Table Available
Food Team--Friday Dinner Shannon Ratcliffe
Food Team--Friday Dinner Available
Food Team--Friday Dinner Available
Food Team--Saturday Dinner Rachael Rayfield
Food Team--Saturday Dinner Available
Food Team--Saturday Dinner Available
Food Team--Saturday Lunch Available
Van Ansel Talbert
Van Ansel Talbert
Van Ansel Talbert
Van Ansel Talbert
Van Ansel Talbert
Van Available
Van Available
Van Scott Sangeorge

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Jennifer Holloway

Parents, let’s make this a great weekend for the youth!

Rachael Rayfield

Kevin, Keenan, & I can help with dinner set up & clean up for Sat dinner

Cam Dungee

I can provide my van for the weekend. However, it does have some issues like limited A/C, iddleing or pulling problems. I’ve been driving it this way for months now and its still going strong. Just know it will be a “drive at your own risk” thing. 

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Scott Sangeorge

I’m checking with my mom about her SUV to be used- jame’

Scott Sangeorge

She said yes .. it fits 8 people. I will bring it Friday to check in

Andrea Blevins

So 9th grade boys not staying with us? Just figuring our packing for Alex

Ansel Talbert

Andrea…They are staying with you. They were taken off list a few days ago bc of that. Sorry for the confusion.

Andrea Blevins

Thanks. Do you know about what time the boys will be heading to the church on Saturday morning? Figuring out schedules for breakfast

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