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By Jennifer Holloway in Visitor's Welcome Team 3 months ago | 121 views Link:

New Opportunity! 

We’re looking for some smiling faces to greet visitors and regular attendees in the parking lots on Sunday mornings. The Parking Lot Welcome Team will direct visitors to the main building, children’s entrance, or Eagle’s Nest depending on where they need to go! Each volunteer will serve before 1st service and again before 2nd service once a month. We would like to have 4 people serving each Sunday. 

If you are interested, please message Jacki Saslow on the City or comment below. Thanks!

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Katie Chesney

Hey! So I’ve signed up to do this last-minute a few times in the last month or two (it was actually really fun and easy!!) but I have not yet signed up for a recurring monthly weekend. Do I just pick the second Sundays of the month, e.g.? And then do I go to the sign up sheet and plug myself in?

Jacki Saslow

Yes Katie! That’s perfect.  If you can’t access the group, let me know and I’ll send you an invite. Thanks so much! 

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