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WE! Shelter GREETER & SNACK BAGS for Dec / Jan

Put on a smile and come and help check in our guests. Sign up for one or more nights. You should arrive by 6:45PM as we open the doors at 7PM. You will sit at the table in the lobby and each guest will let you know what they did that particular day and you will record it and record the time they entered. You may also join them for their meal. It is a great way to serve and welcome our guests to their home each evening! This may be filled by a man or a woman. Please note that we are starting a litte later this year on Dec. 12th. Thanks for caring!

This need requires these items:

Item Date Taken by
Greeter 12/12/2016 Carolyn Sears
Snack Bags 12/12/2016 Annette Pittman
Greeter 12/13/2016 Available
Snack Bags 12/13/2016 Available
Greeter 12/14/2016 Melanie Schultz
Snack Bags 12/14/2016 Available
Greeter 12/15/2016 Available
Snack Bags 12/15/2016 Available
Greeter 12/16/2016 Available
Snack Bags 12/16/2016 Hannah Kim
Greeter 12/17/2016 Available
Snack Bags 12/17/2016 Available
Greeter 12/18/2016 Available
Snack Bags 12/18/2016 Hannah Kim
Greeter 12/19/2016 Carolyn Sears
Snack Bags 12/19/2016 Rhonda Nunn
Greeter 12/20/2016 Available
Snack Bags 12/20/2016 Karen Kemp
Greeter 12/21/2016 Melanie Schultz
Snack Bags 12/21/2016 Available
Greeter 12/22/2016 Available
Snack Bags 12/22/2016 Dorothy Lanier
Greeter 12/23/2016 Available
Snack Bags 12/23/2016 Available
Greeter 12/24/2016 Carolyn Sears
Snack Bags 12/24/2016 Kelly Cox
Greeter 12/25/2016 Available
Snack Bags 12/25/2016 Kelly Cox
Greeter 12/26/2016 Available
Snack Bags 12/26/2016 Available
Greeter 12/27/2016 Available
Snack Bags 12/27/2016 Available
Greeter 12/28/2016 Available
Snack Bags 12/28/2016 Elaine Thielen
Greeter 12/29/2016 Available
Snack Bags 12/29/2016 Available
Greeter 12/30/2016 Available
Snack Bags 12/30/2016 Stella Hung
Greeter 12/31/2016 Available
Snack Bags 12/31/2016 Stella Hung
Greeter 01/01/2017 Carolyn Sears
Snack Bags 01/01/2017 Available
Greeter 01/02/2017 Available
Snack Bags 01/02/2017 Rhonda Nunn
Greeter 01/03/2017 Available
Snack Bags 01/03/2017 Available
Greeter 01/04/2017 Melanie Schultz
Snack Bags 01/04/2017 Available
Greeter 01/05/2017 Available
Snack Bags 01/05/2017 Available
Greeter 01/06/2017 Available
Snack Bags 01/06/2017 Dorothy Lanier
Greeter 01/07/2017 Carolyn Sears
Snack Bags 01/07/2017 Available
Greeter 01/08/2017 Available
Snack Bags 01/08/2017 Available
Greeter 01/09/2017 Available
Snack Bags 01/09/2017 Dayna Carr
Greeter 01/10/2017 Available
Snack Bags 01/10/2017 Karen Kemp
Greeter 01/11/2017 Melanie Schultz
Snack Bags 01/11/2017 Available
Greeter 01/12/2017 Available
Snack Bags 01/12/2017 Stella Hung
Greeter 01/13/2017 Available
Snack Bags 01/13/2017 Available
Greeter 01/14/2017 Available
Snack Bags 01/14/2017 Available
Greeter 01/15/2017 Carolyn Sears
Snack Bags 01/15/2017 Available
Greeter 01/16/2017 Available
Snack Bags 01/16/2017 Available
Greeter 01/17/2017 Available
Snack Bags 01/17/2017 Available
Greeter 01/18/2017 Melanie Schultz
Snack Bags 01/18/2017 Melanie Schultz
Greeter 01/19/2017 Available
Snack Bags 01/19/2017 Stella Hung
Greeter 01/20/2017 Available
Snack Bags 01/20/2017 Available
Greeter 01/21/2017 Available
Snack Bags 01/21/2017 Available
Greeter 01/22/2017 Carolyn Sears
Snack Bags 01/22/2017 Available
Greeter 01/23/2017 Available
Snack Bags 01/23/2017 Rhonda Nunn
Greeter 01/24/2017 Available
Snack Bags 01/24/2017 Available
Greeter 01/25/2017 David Parsons
Snack Bags 01/25/2017 Melanie Schultz
Greeter 01/26/2017 Available
Snack Bags 01/26/2017 Stella Hung
Greeter 01/27/2017 Available
Snack Bags 01/27/2017 Melanie Shores
Greeter 01/28/2017 Carolyn Sears
Snack Bags 01/28/2017 Available
Greeter 01/29/2017 Available
Snack Bags 01/29/2017 Available
Greeter 01/30/2017 Available
Snack Bags 01/30/2017 Jackie Garvey
Greeter 01/31/2017 Available
Snack Bags 01/31/2017 Available

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Karen Kemp

Mt. Zion United Church of God will provide snack bags Dec 20 and Jan 10

Stella Hung

Boys (8 and 10) are welcome to come greet with me…right?  Thanks

Ski Jaloszynski

Yes Stella, your boys are welcome to come with you….sorry, just saw this:(

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