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The Bridge Meal Wednesday February 21, 2018

Hello Everyone! The High School students are having a Chili Night! If you can provide food or stay and serve, please sign up below. We will feed about 30 people....
Posted by Jennifer Holloway in The Bridge Food Team
Comment from Jennifer Holloway:

Thanks everyone for signing up!

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Vacation Bible School "Atmosphere" Needs

Hey everyone! We had our first VBS Leadership meeting and we are excited to transform the VBS areas of the church into a tropical island! We are in need of plastic...
Posted by Ski Jaloszynski in VBS Leadership Team
Comment from Ski Jaloszynski:

Could also use some old umbrellas that you do not want back, even if they are broken. We will transform them into palm trees. :)

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Posted by Ski Jaloszynski in WE Shelter
Comment from David Parsons:

Vaughn this must be last years post. Also we missed you last night you were down to stay over night. Please call me if you need to know what other dates you are staying. Thanks so much Vaughn.


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February Meals and Overnight Volunteers Needed

Please check your calendars and sign up for February (and/ or March) to provide a meal or men to come spend the night as a volunteer. Thank you to all of you who...
Posted by Ski Jaloszynski in WE Shelter
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GraceKids Buddies- make a difference in our Special Family!

There is a great big and wonderful need in our children’s ministry.  Right now we have one child and one middle schooler that could really use a buddy to enjoy...
Posted by Lee Simmons in GraceKids Parents
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Gifts of Grace- What are Kids and Students doing?

This year our church has decided to start….“Gifts of Grace”. Gifts of Grace provide shoeboxes for our Grace Wednesday Community Dinner (WCF) guests. We have...
Posted by Lee Simmons in GraceKids Parents
Comment from Lee Simmons:


We still need 4 boxes filled! Sign up today!!

Don’t forget to bring in your boxes this Sunday! Please put the kid boxes in front of the drum kit to make organizing the boxes a bit easier

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The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree is one of the ways Grace Community Church assists those within our body who have financial needs during the holiday season. The collection process...
Posted by Eric Anderson in All Staff
Comment from Eric Anderson:

Thanks to everyone who has contributed toward this fund to date. Just a reminder that you have until December 11th to contribute!

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WE! Shelter OVERNIGHT Volunteers and MEALS for Feb / Mar

Please sign-up below and mark your calendars
Posted by David Parsons in WE Shelter
Comment from Ski Jaloszynski:


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Sign-Up for the Meals of Grace Team!

Want to be a more active member in the body of Christ?  Sign up to bring meals to our family members who are celebrating a new baby, recovering, or struggling!  Meals...
Posted by Lee Simmons in Meals of Grace
Comment from Jeffrey Knotts:

Let me know what I can do. Jeffrey

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All In Weekend Needs

Hey Everyone! Below are a few areas of need that we have. If you are able to help in any way please check off where you can help. Can’t wait to serve with you this...
Posted by Ansel Talbert in The Bridge High School (Parents)
Comment from Andrea Blevins:

Thanks. Do you know about what time the boys will be heading to the church on Saturday morning? Figuring out schedules for breakfast

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Serve at Anniversary Sunday

We can’t wait to celebrate 30 Years of Grace Community Church with everyone on Sunday, September 17th! There’s going to be great food, fun games, and a wonderful...
Posted by Ansel Talbert in All Staff
Comment from Ansel Talbert:

I’m pretty sure we have the baggies and containers for leftovers, Melonie. I’ve asked someone who knows for sure and will let you know asap. Thanks!

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Oman Family needs a meal tomorrow night

William Oman lost his father yesterday morning very unepectedly and has requested a meal.  The Oman’s have family coming in for the funeral & services and...
Posted by Teresa Ridge in Meals of Grace
Comment from Tammy Flynt:

Thank you Meredith!! And thanks to Megan and Jeff!
On Jul 14, 2017, at 9:56 AM, Meredith Uber on The City <(email address removed)> wrote:

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12th Rock deadline drawing close! Please PRAY!

God has brought our sons ministry so far and has brought in $92,000 over a short period of time. We continue to trust in the One Who can do the impossibe (need $157,000)...
Posted by Ski Jaloszynski in Missions Ministry
Comment from Ski Jaloszynski:

Talked to our son this weekend. The devil was attacking our family through our 15 year old grandson with false accusations….but God! We fasted and prayed this weekend and God heard our cries. Nate (our grandson) was released from any accusations! God is great!!! This is the week of the closing on the land purchase to further the kingdom in the NE. As you can see God has been amazing and we are trusting His name will be glorified through this! Thank you all for your prayers on behalf of our sons and if you would like to donate there is still time:) Thank you Grace Church for your support!

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VBS Church-Wide Serve Nights!

Save the Date: June 20 and 22; 6:30-8:30 Come out and help us get ready for VBS. Bring your community group, your boss, your kids, your neighbors. There will be painting,...
Posted by Lee Simmons in GraceKids Parents
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Be Strong and Courageous!

An update from our sons ministry 12th Rock Joshua 1:9 “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be...
Posted by Ski Jaloszynski in Missions Ministry
Comment from Ski Jaloszynski:

The Northeast is a mission field so different from the south where Jesus is proclaimed more frequently. Consider an extra gift for this if it speaks to your heart. Thank you!

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Grace Community Church

A love for Jesus Christ and an ardent desire to see Him glorified in the inner city of Greensboro were the impetus for the founding of this non-denominational body of believers. We are striving to bring together God’s people from all walks of life that each might minister to the other according to their gifts and abilities. Our highest aim is that we might together demonstrate the reality of Christ as we are made one.

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