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Senior Blessing Luncheon

By Ansel Talbert in The Bridge High School (Parents) 3 months ago | 171 views
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Hey Parents,

We feel so honored that we as Youth Leaders have been privileged to be involved in your child’s high school years. We love these students so much and desire to send them off well as they become men and women that head out into what is next in their lives after high school.

On Sunday, May 20th, we want to celebrate seniors at Grace Community Church in a couple ways:

1. During the second service we want to invite Seniors to stand and be recognized and prayed for by the congregation of Grace.

2. Then at 1pm in the Eagles Nest, we would love to invite parents of Seniors, siblings, students, and youth leaders to a Senior Blessing Luncheon.

3. Provide 5 photos of your child from Infant, Elementary, Middle, High, and Today for a slideshow during the luncheon.

Working with kids over the last 15 years, and being both a father and a son, I can tell you how valuable a parent’s blessing can be and how hurtful it is when it is absent.

During our time together at the lunch we will focus on two elements of blessing: “A Spoken Message” and “A Special Future.” We will eat and fellowship and begin a ceremony of verbally blessing our kids.

Part one would be a chance to tell them how proud you are of them and how much you love them and Part two is a chance to speak a vision for their future into their hearts. During this part you can recognize how God has gifted them uniquely and how you have seen them grow and mature and how you see them successful in the future. You can speak words of praise, words of truth, scripture, however you feel led. The principle is this: I love you; I believe in you, I am committed to you as a parent(s).

Attached are a few tips for parents of Seniors to know on how to prepare for this service. Please RSVP so we know how much food and drink to provide.

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Melanie Parsons on 04/15/2018

We will not be able to attend the luncheon but hopefully we’ll be able to be in service that day.



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Jennifer Holloway on 04/23/2018

Parents of High School Seniors…don’t forget to RSVP. Thanks!

Jennifer Holloway on 05/09/2018

Parents, don’t forget to come prepared with your blessing. See the attachment above. Thanks!

May 20
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
643 W Gate City Blvd
North Carolina 27403
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