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Women's Summer Thursday Morning Bible Study

By Jennifer Holloway in Women's Ministry about 1 month ago | 5984 views
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July 19 – August 23


Women of Grace!

This year, we have been studying about God’s desires for us as live in community with each other and the summer promises to be just as enlightening! This summer you will have 2 study tracks to choose from, the DVD driven study or the Inductive Bible Study with Life Transformation Groups. 

The DVD study for the summer is:

  • Uninvited: When You Feel Less Than, Left Out and Lonely by Lysa Terkeurst

OR you may choose:

  • Life Transformation Groups using Inductive Bible Study to study 1, 2 & 3 John

Our summer Thursday morning studies will be held in the upstairs classrooms at the church from 9:30-11:30am. As always, we will take turns bringing some yummy breakfast foods to share and child care will be provided for infants through elementary aged homeschoolers. Please make sure you register your children before Bible studies start as that is how we determine how many childcare workers to hire. Space for childcare is limited so please register soon.

There is no registration fee, but each woman will need to purchase her own materials: the study guides for the study if you are participating in the DVD series (available at Lifeway bookstore or on Amazon) or just bring your Bible if you choose the Life Transformation Groups. 

Please RSVP to this post to register; indicating DVD or LTG study. If you require childcare please comment below with the child/children’s first names and ages.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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Discussion about this event

Nikky Slaughter on 05/02/2018

I will be attending and need child care for Mannie -10, Zariya-7, and Josiah-5. Thank you very much for providing Childcare, it has really been a blessing!!!😘

Mary Worm on 05/02/2018

I’ll be doing the LTG and bringing Chloe, age 11 months by then. Thank you!!

Jacki Saslow on 05/02/2018

I will be there and need childcare for Ben- 6 and Amelia- 3. Thanks! 

Ariane Hunt on 05/02/2018

I’ll be there and will do the DVD study. No childcare needed.

Ariane Hunt on 05/02/2018

Also, what is the end date?

Antonisha Polite on 05/02/2018

I will be attending the DVD study and need childcare for Christian-7 and Grayson- 18 months. Thank You

Antonisha Polite on 05/02/2018

Do we need to purchase the book as well or just the study guide?

Kenya Perkins on 05/02/2018

Lord willing I would like to attend. Also would need childcare for Zanai (5), Zander (4), Zavier (8), Zaire (12) and Zariya (14). My 3 oldest kids requests to sit in a room to read, draw and work on their summer school work if needed. Thanks so much for providing care for my Z babies

Rachel Tuggle on 05/03/2018

I will be attending the LTG. Thank you SO much for providing childcare. It is such a blessing. ❤ Nash is 2 1/2

Megan Hadley on 05/03/2018

I’ll be attending and will need childcare for Lola – 6 and Evie – 2. Thank you!

Susan Henkel on 05/03/2018

I’ll be attending the DVD study and I’ll need childcare for Louis (4 by start date) and Margaret (15 months by start date). Thanks!!

Jennifer Holloway on 05/03/2018

Hi ladies! The study runs through August 23rd. You only need to purchase the study guide. The book is totally optional.

Jennifer Holloway on 05/03/2018

As with Fall and Spring, we can accommodate childcare from infants through homeschool elementary. 

Maddy Hadley on 05/03/2018

I will be attending the DVD series.

Heather Montgomery on 05/03/2018

Im not sure if I would like to be in the DVD or LTG class but I will need childcare for Ella (9).  Is it possible to start the summer series earlier?  It seems to be getting pushed back farther than last year and school started back up before the series ended last summer. 😞

Jennifer Holloway on 05/04/2018

Hi Heather. Due to VBS being later, 4th of July week, and a few other factors we had to push it back. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Melissa Apple on 05/05/2018

I’ll be attending the DVD study and need childcare for Thomas (2.5).

Kelly Ferguson on 05/06/2018

I will be attending the DVD study and need childcare for Braelen(10) and Thea( 21 mos by start date)  thank you so much!!!!

Gina Moran on 05/07/2018

when is the start date for the summer Bible Study? also, what is the inductive Bible study?

Jennifer Holloway on 05/07/2018

Hi Gina! the Thursday Morning study runs from July 19 – August 23 9:30am – 11:30am. The Inductive study meets as a large group to go over scripture, usually one chapter a week; pulling out observations and interpretations. Then they break into groups of 3 ladies, LTG- Life Transformation Groups, to go over application – what is the Holy Spirit saying to you through the passage. During the first meeting, we will guide you through it. There is no book to purchase; just bring a bible and some colored pencils.

Barbara Huckaby (FB) on 05/09/2018

Yes, I would like to join the Thursday LTG group. I do not require childcare. I would prefer to use my eBible, if that’s okay.

Debbie Schmidt on 05/10/2018

I will attend the DVD series.

Debra Ford on 05/10/2018

I would like to join the LTG group this summer. I will need childcare for William (8), Grace (7), Caleb (5), & Noah (3). Thanks!

Tammy Flynt on 05/10/2018

I’d like to do the LTG study and would need childcare for Anna (7 1/2) Lucy (5) and Sarah (2). Thank you!

Kelly Sweatt on 05/11/2018

I would like to attend. I need childcare for my 11 year old son.  Thanks!

Emily Moran on 05/17/2018

I will be attending the DVD study this summer. I will need childcare for Noah (age 7). I won’t be able to attend the last two weeks because I am a teacher and there are teacher workdays and school starts during those last two weeks. Looking forward to the study!

Joanie Ratchford on 05/20/2018

I’d like to participate in the LTG group. I will need childcare for William in August. Thank you, Jennifer! 

Sherri Adams on 05/20/2018

I would like to do the LTG study.  I have heard it is awesome!  A big thank you to all that make our Thursday morning studies happen. I greatly appreciate it!

Jennifer Holloway on 05/21/2018

Thanks Sherri! Thank you ladies for signing up!

Nita Owens on 05/27/2018

I would like to attend this LTG, however I have only visited church twice now. I have recently moved to the city and I am looking for a church. Are visitors allowed to attend your bible studies?

Jennifer Holloway on 05/29/2018

Hi Nita! Yes, everyone is invited to our Bible Studies. Should I put you on the list for Thursday Mornings?

Sarah Schlentz on 05/29/2018

Hello Jennifer! I would like to invite myself to “Uninvited” :)

Elaine Parker on 05/31/2018

Hi I’m coming to Uninvited Thursday mornings. Thanks

Jennifer Holloway on 05/31/2018

Awesome ladies! Can’t wait to see you all!

Sue Kilgore on 06/04/2018

LTG for Thurs a.m.

Rhiannon Lauritano McGee on 06/08/2018

LTG…until August 16…Thursday mornings. Will have Soren (4) & Albert (9) with me most weeks.

Jennifer Holloway on 06/11/2018

Thank you ladies for signing up. Childcare is now full. But we have room for more ladies in the Bible Study classes,

Elaine Parker on 06/14/2018

I may do the LTG instead of Uninvited.

Jennifer Holloway on 06/14/2018

Ok, Elaine. Got it!

July 19
9:30 am – 11:30 am

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Rhiannon Lauritano McGee (1)

Joanie Ratchford (1)

Emily Moran (1)

Tammy Flynt (1)

Kelly Sweatt (1)

Debra Ford (1)

Debbie Schmidt (1)

Barbara Huckaby (1)

Kelly Ferguson (3)

Melissa Apple (1)

Susan Henkel (1)

Kenya Perkins (1)

Maddy Hadley (1)

Antonisha Polite (1)

Ariane Hunt (1)

Mary Worm (1)

Julie Church (1)

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