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Nerf Wars

By Ansel Talbert in The Bridge High School (Parents) 9 days ago | 112 views
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On Friday, June 15th we will be hosting our annual Nerf Wars event at Grace Community Church. This event will begin at 7:00pm at Grace and finish at 10:00pm. Students, Leaders, Parents, and Children (Rising 6th-Graduating Seniors) are invited to join in different team battle scenarios. Please bring a Nerf Dart gun if you have one because our supplies are limited. Be sure your gun is a NERF DART GUN. 

Parents! We want you to attend and play Nerf Wars with us. It truly is an amazing time of fun, laughter, and quality time with your child. 

To attend this event each student must have a Medical Release Form on file at Grace. These forms are available on The City, at the Youth Welcome Desk outside room 202, or outside GracePlace.

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Discussion about this event

Joanie Ratchford on 05/15/2018

Lillie will not be there because we are hosting Jason’s graduation party that night. I hope y’all have a great turnout and a fun time! 

Jen Edmondson on 05/15/2018

Sounds like fun but we’ll be out of town

June 15
7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
643 W Gate City Blvd
North Carolina 27403
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