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2018 Women's Retreat: March 16-18

By Jennifer Holloway in Women's Ministry 6 months ago | 9096 views
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Dear Women of Grace,

YOU ARE INVITED!!!!! Join us as we take a weekend away from daily cares and responsibilities, making space to hear from the One who knows and loves us best, and to relax, laugh together, have someone else cook for us (YIPEE!!), and perhaps even try some new things.

We are excited to host author Robyn McKelvy, as we continue to explore what it means to Live in Community. Her sharing time with us will resonate with women from all walks of life. You can follow her on Facebook with this link.

This year we will return to Blue Ridge Assembly in Black Mountain, North Carolina.

Blue Ridge is a really beautiful property with purposefully created  spaces, inside and out, that allow the beauty to be enjoyed.

Blue Ridge has several price options starting at just $100. Inside Blue Ridge Center, they offer recently renovated “hotel style” rooms. This is the same building as our large group sessions, the lounge area and the dining hall.

The economy rooms are in a more historical building that is close to the main building. These rooms are more “minimalist” – so smaller, with no carpet on the floor, but they are clean and bright. Each room has its own bathroom, but the fixtures are older. This building also has it’s own lounge. A limited number of these rooms are available.

For more information, pricing, and registration please click here.

We can’t wait to see you there!!!

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Discussion about this event

Raycia Crawford on 01/17/2018

I see that if we attend alone, the suggestion is to choose the double option and be assigned a roommate. What is the difference between that and the economy options?

Jennifer Holloway on 01/18/2018

Hi Raycia! I see how the wording can be confusing. If you choose double or double economy and do not have a roommate we will assign you one. If you have a desired roommate please let us know who she is. If you do not want a roommate, please sign up for a single or single economy room. The economy rooms are smaller and a little more rustic. Hope that helps!

Raycia Crawford on 01/30/2018

Very helpful, thank you!

Jennifer Holloway on 02/15/2018

Ladies!!!! It’s only a month away and we can hardly wait! Sign up for the 2018 Women’s Retreat today!!!

Maddy Hadley on 02/23/2018

Jennifer, how do I apply the $10 coupon I have to the total?  When I sign  up for a single it defaults to $295 and I don’t see any place to change the amount to $285

Jennifer Holloway on 02/23/2018

Hi Maddy! You can come by the office and register with Lisa. If you need to use a card rather than cash or check let me know in advance. Thanks!

Jennifer Holloway on 02/27/2018

Ladies! Rooms are filling up! Register Here!

Mar 16 – Mar 18
Friday – Sunday
5:00 pm – 12:00 pm

7 people
are coming
Jennifer Holloway (1)

Ski Jaloszynski (1)

Kenya Perkins (1)

Maddy Hadley (1)

Raycia Crawford (1)

Jennifer Gentry (2)

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A love for Jesus Christ and an ardent desire to see Him glorified in the inner city of Greensboro were the impetus for the founding of this non-denominational body of believers. We are striving to bring together God’s people from all walks of life that each might minister to the other according to their gifts and abilities. Our highest aim is that we might together demonstrate the reality of Christ as we are made one.

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