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Verge Disciplemaking Training

By Marshall Benbow in Adult Ed Leaders 5 months ago | 3110 views
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The mission of our church is to make disciples who live out the gospel, crossing racial and economic lines. While most of us at Grace agree that this is what Jesus has asked us to do, we often struggle to actually do it. For many of us, this call feels overwhelming, and we have no idea what it would look like to disciple others. For others, the call feels exciting but we just don’t know where to start or don’t feel equipped.

So, how do we live as disciples who make disciples? What would it look like for us to participate in Jesus’ call to go and make disciples at home, at work, or wherever God has placed us?

Starting February 18th, we are inviting our church to go through the Disciplemaking Blueprint through the Verge Network. This 10-week study will help us clarify what it means to be disciples who make disciples, led and motivated by the good news of Jesus Christ. You will learn from church planters and leaders from around the country who are seeking to live out the gospel in real ways amongst their neighbors and co-workers. As you watch the video content and discuss it with others, I believe your heart will be drawn to join with Jesus in making disciples here in this city.

You have three different opportunities to participate when you register.

  1. If you are in a Community Group, you will be going through the training as a group during your weekly meetings.
  2. If you are not in a Community Group, you can take part in the study here at Grace on Sunday mornings at 9:25
  3. You can take the study on Wednesday nights at 7:00 pm here at Grace.

Ordinarily this training would cost between $30 and $40 per person, but thanks to a gift from a generous donor, the training will not cost you anything – IT’S FREE! Please prayerfully consider receiving this amazing gift and joining us. You MUST register online. Registration is open now. 



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Discussion about this event

Melanie Shores on 01/12/2018

1.Can you give us an idea how much weekly prep time outside of the class sessions will be needed?

2. Will the Wednesday evening group last apprx 1hr15 minutes, or will it be longer?

Marshall Benbow on 01/14/2018

Hey, Melanie – the outside prep time is up to you. The course is designed for most of the content to be taken in during the meeting time, and then there are optional videos to watch on your own time. Other than that, there is not prep work outside of the course. On Wednesday the class would run the same amount of time as the youth ministry, 7:00-8:15/8:30.

Marshall Benbow
Discipleship Pastor, Grace Community Church
643 W Gate City Blvd.
Greensboro, NC 27403

Marshall Benbow on 01/24/2018

I hope that many from Grace are signing up for this amazing training. Yes, I know it is 10 weeks long, but think about all the other  things that we will give our attention to over that 10 weeks.  I know I will watch at least 4 hours of basketball per week during that time! This investment can yield transformation. Link to register is in the post above. Sunday mornings at 9:25 or Wednesday nights at 7:00, starting in just 4 Sundays from this weekend!

Marshall Benbow on 01/30/2018

So excited that people are signing up for Verge Training! God is going to use this to help us live out our mission and vision. When you go to the registration page, you will have three options: Sunday Morning, Wednesday Night, or With My Community Group. Choose the one that works for you, and then register away! 

Melanie Shores on 02/03/2018

Planning to do this with our Foundations class when we finish Romans. Will begin in May at 11:00 hour. Come join us.

Marshall Benbow on 02/14/2018

Registration closes tomorrow (TH) night! Sign up to learn more about being a disciple maker!

Marshall Benbow on 02/15/2018

The booklets are printed and ready! Register tonight to get yours. 

Jessi Macleod on 02/17/2018

Hi Melanie, thanks for offering a second round of the class in May! Dean and I would be interested in joining.

February 18
9:25 am – 10:50 am

6 people
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Joan Ficca (1)

Paul Walmsley (1)

Melanie Schultz (1)

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