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Good Friday Service

By Ansel Talbert in All Staff 5 months ago | 1284 views
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When we read the story of Jesus in the Garden we see the weight of His impending death on the cross as it bears down on Him. The terrible physical suffering lay ahead, but that did not hold the most dread for Him; it was separation from His Father. By taking our sin, He would be cut off from the One in whom He had lived His whole life. Jesus went to pray in that garden for comfort, he walked out taking the first steps of what we call Good.

In the garden He surrendered to His Father’s will because He had already surrendered to His Father’s love. He was willing to take on the cross knowing the glory it would allow for God’s creation. All our sins and pain and turmoil on Jesus so that we might become sons & daughters of God.

Did Jesus die? Yes. Was He beaten? Beyond recognition. Did He suffer? More than we could ever imagine. Why? For you, for me, for all of creation.

But the story doesn’t end here, something more was happening…

Join us for our Good Friday Service as we dive into the depths of Jesus’ death. We encourage you to participate in this family-friendly service as we experience moments of lament, celebration, and the anticipation of Easter.

Childcare is provided for children four and under. PLEASE RSVP SO WE CAN PLAN FOR CHILDCARE

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Discussion about this event

Englund Talbert on 02/15/2018

Your kids will need childcare, Ansel ;)

Joanie Ratchford on 02/17/2018

We’ll need childcare for William. Thank you!

Anna Green on 03/20/2018

We will need childcare for Ava

Jessica MacLeod on 03/22/2018

Thank you for providing childcare- Piper, Emerance and Chase will be there.

Jennifer Holloway on 03/23/2018

Anyone else need childcare? Ages 4 and under.

Jen Edmondson on 03/23/2018

We will need childcare for Kendall age 2

Rachel Tuggle on 03/23/2018

Thank you SO much for providing childcare. We will need it for Nash

Jacki Saslow on 03/24/2018

We need it for Amelia. Thanks so much! 

Dwayne Diaz on 03/25/2018

Blake Asher will need childcare. Thank you!

Lee Simmons on 03/25/2018

Need it for Eloise

Mary Worm on 03/28/2018

I need childcare for Chloe, but can keep her in the service if need be.

Jennifer Holloway on 03/28/2018

Mary, we have room for Chloe! Thank you everyone for responding. See you Friday!

Rob Seals on 03/28/2018

We will need childcare for Clara.

Tiana Pitts on 03/30/2018

We need child care for Isaiah and Zoey thanks!

Leah Burkett on 03/30/2018

Is it too late to request childcare for Rad and Tootsie?

Rachel Tuggle on 03/31/2018

Thank you for last nights service ! I really enjoyed it. The spoken word artist was wonderful.

Cam Dungee on 03/31/2018

Same here!! Worship and the spoken word was awesome. 

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March 30
6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
643 W. Gate City Blvd.
Greensboro NC 27403
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Debbie Booze (2)

Rob Seals (4)

Mary Worm (2)

Jacki Saslow (4)

Ansel Talbert (3)

Jen Edmondson (5)

Jessica MacLeod (5)

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Anna Green (4)

Englund Talbert (1)

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