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UNBOUND & SPIN Weekend (NEW Date for middle school)

By Ansel Talbert in The Bridge High School (Parents) 5 months ago | 920 views
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What is Unbound & Spin? A weekend of camping, serving, and worshiping with an opportunity to grow deeper in your faith with your friends and leaders. Our daily lives are filled with us being bound to something or someone, so we want to be Unbound from all that holds us so we can Spin free to really connect with God and others. You don’t want to miss this!

Where: Camp Douglas Long is a rustic, pioneer-style camp a few miles down the road from Grace. There is running water, but all food is cooked fresh daily on the wood stove. Campers will spend a lot of time in small groups and in solitude, as Unbound & Spin is a time of both community and reflection. Despite the setting, any one can attend; it is not ‘tent camping’ and no special camping skills are needed.

When: April 20-22 Check In starts at 5pm Friday at Grace and we will be back at Grace on Sunday following the second service.

Cost: $60 (covers food, transportation, t-shirt, activities, and program costs)

What to Bring: Warm Clothes, Grubby clothes, Flashlight, sleeping bag, boots or tennis shoes, water bottle, toiletries & towel, journal or paper, pen, and Bible (tell your leader if you need help with any of this stuff). Hammock if you have one.


Everyone must have a Medical Release Form on file. Available below. High School students must also have a notarized Samaritan’s Purse waiver, below.

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Discussion about this event

Jame' SanGeorge on 03/30/2018

Is this the rain date for previous weekend camp?

Jame' SanGeorge on 03/30/2018

& I thought this weekend the youth were going to Richmond at the YWAM base?

Jame' SanGeorge on 03/30/2018

Oops I see the ywam is another date.

Jennifer Holloway on 04/11/2018

Hello parents! Please sign up to help out with SPIN/UNBOUND Weekend. Thanks!

Annette Pittman on 04/15/2018

I, along with my mom & adult niece will come serve breakfast on Sunday morning!

Jennifer Holloway on 04/16/2018

Thank you Annette! Thanks everyone for signing up!

Joanie Ratchford on 04/16/2018

Jennifer, I wanted to let you know that we are not able to help this weekend with food prep. Friday night is senior lacrosse night for Jason at High Point Central and Sunday morning I have to be at church early because Outloud is helping lead worship for the All Family Worship. 

Jennifer Holloway on 04/16/2018

Ok thanks Joanie!

Jennifer Gentry on 04/18/2018

Jen, when is the latest someone can register?

Jennifer Holloway on 04/18/2018

They can come Friday and register but if they know ahead of time just let me know so I can go ahead and add them to the list.

Jame' SanGeorge on 04/19/2018

If Dejen did his medical wavier for last retreat – does he need another one

Jennifer Holloway on 04/19/2018

No, Dejen’s form is current.

Jennifer Holloway on 04/19/2018

NEED: If anyone has an ice chest we can borrow for the weekend please respond and bring it tomorrow night. We need TWO!!! Thanks!!!!!

Jennifer Holloway on 04/19/2018

High School parents/guardians…You MUST fill out the attached form for your child to volunteer with Samaritan’s Purse during UNBOUND weekend. It must be notarized!!! A notary will be available at registration; parent, guardian must have valid driver’s license or government issued ID. Thanks!

Marcy Schneider on 04/19/2018

Not sure if Joseph’s forms are current so I filled out a new one and added a medication list. Is it okay to bring this Friday night.

Marcy Schneider on 04/19/2018

Do u still need a cooler?

Jennifer Holloway on 04/20/2018

Yes, Marcy bring it tonight. And we still need coolers!

Kristen Loflin on 04/20/2018

Hey Gang – Just wanted to make sure you had John the list for the weekend. All his forms were for the MS weekend. Looking forward to it. Let me know if there’s anything you need. – Nick (336-509-5395)

Jennifer Holloway on 04/20/2018

Kristen/Nick I’ll send you a text.

Apr 20 – Apr 22
Friday – Sunday
5:00 pm – 12:30 pm
Map It

17 people
are coming
Susan Long (1)

Role: Friday Check In Team 4:45pm
Jon Panz (2)

Diane Benbow (1)

Role: Friday Dinner Serve 4:45pm
Kristen Bennett (1)

Role: Friday Dinner Serve 4:45pm
JMoon Moon (1)

Jessica Robinson (1)

Kurtis Gentry (4)

Kenya Perkins (1)

Role: Friday Check In Team 4:45pm
Jennifer Gentry (4)

Ansel Talbert (1)

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